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BROADWAY BOUND THEATRE FESTIVAL is boutique festival of live theatre that focuses on developing playwrights into self--producers. In proud partnership with THE TOWN PLAYERS OF NEW CANAAN, we're thrilled to announce our 2024 season has a new home: The Powerhouse Theatre in Waveny Park. 

BBTF will continue its unwavering commitment to professionally producing new works, working hands-on with playwrights to make producing their own work a fulfilling and successful experience. And presenting these works to the theatre-savvy community of the tri-state area. Since our inception in 2016 in New York City, we've been devoted to the evolution of our artists and their work to create great theatrical experiences that continue to live long after their premieres. 

Please join us in supporting these talented writers 

and celebrating self-producing artists.












We're dedicated to providing playwrights a professional venue and all the tools they need to effectively and affordably produce the premiere of their plays. This includes workshops, regular information packets, access to our interactive online forum, personal relationships with our key festival staff members, an audience talk back, and complimentary tickets to attend every other show in the festival.

  • Our Critiques - BBTF is a festival where playwrights take center stage. Part of that process is offering them professional feedback from the moment they send in their submission. In exchange for their application fee, each playwrights received a critique, regardless of whether or not they are accepted, that covers the major structure points of their play. If you are selected to participate in BBTF, you can rest assured your play was picked based on its quality alone, since the festival utilizes a double-blind submission process. Our professional playwright readers DO NOT KNOW the authorship of the play they're reading. 

  • Our Training - From acceptance through rehearsal we teach our playwrights about every aspect of rewrite and producing. These hands-on sessions create an atmosphere of community and collaboration, and help them achieve the strongest version of their work before taking the stage. By learning the ins and outs of self-producing with our guidance, they walk away from the experience with valuable experiential knowledge and confidence.

  • Our Forum - All playwrights join BBTF’s private Facebook community, which serves as a sounding board and a social forum. In the past, we’ve used this forum to host digital workshops, to enable expedient distribution of materials, to communicate directly with playwrights about time-sensitive topics, to discuss our prop/set sharing lists, to share videos of our festival light plot channel check, and to promote each other’s projects as well as get to know each other.

  • Our Venue - Located in breathtaking Waveny Park, the Powerhouse Theatre boasts a proud history of storied performances for the lower Fairfield County theatre community. The Town Players of Canaan, our partner and sponsor, has been an active theatre company producing evocative and creative live theatre for over 75 years.


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