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Adam & Brian by Craig Donnelly

Bedlam by Neath Williams

Bone on Bone by Marylou Dipietro

Convicted by Riley Thomas

Image by Jack Rushen

In Pursuit of Peace by Shane Howard

In the Room Waiting by Thaddeus McCants

Keys by Adria Ford

Mine by Maria Deasy

Must Win by Larry Phillips

Out There by Lina Sarrello

Poor Boy's Chorus by Brian Kettler

Running for My Life by Chuck Muckle

Saving Stan by Gary Morgenstein

Skeletons by Amy Da Luz

Small Town Confessions by Geoffrey Bond

Snow White Padded Room by Erin Moughon

Sympathy in C by Suzanne Mernyk

The American Dream by Juan Ramirez Jr.

2 Years of Eternal Joy by Sherrod D. Lee


A Hyacinth in the Mountains by Claire Jamison

Adele's Way by Dennis Porter

Bergen by Steven Fechter

Carrots by Katie Combs

Cracked by Rosemary Zibart

Jim's Room by Albi Gorn

Long Lost John by Eddie Zareh

Nowhere Man by Rob Dames

Reflux by Carly Brooke Feinman

Starbright by Sean David Robinson

Sunset Village by Michael Presley Bobbitt

The Brothers Khan: An American Story by George Pfirrmann

The Field by Emily Emerson

The Reigning Princess of Pop by Craig Donnelly

Entanglement by Barbara Kelly

Late Night Odyssey by Grant Bowen

Miles to Babylon by Ann Harson

Perfectly Victorian by Bryan Adams & Matt Kelly

Shut Up Your Truth by Erin Moughon

The Home We Left Behind by Valerie David

The Rehearsal by Brad Forenza

They Told Me to Use It by Dan Evashevski


Basic Glitch by Stephanie Salazar-Amaro

Dear Ms. Kitt by Chantel McDonald

Florida Man by Michael Presely Bobbitt

Ghosts and Gaslighting by Erin Moughon

Goldensbridge by Albi Gorn

Heloise by Michael Shenefelt

Just Outside the Door by Esteban Alvarez III

Last Thought Standing by Joseph Vuotto

Mona Lisa and the Cross by K.K. Gordon

Picked Up by Dan Manjovi

Roommates by Darcy Cagen

Round Went the Wheel by Frank Ceruzzi

Sea Level Rising: A Dystopian Comedy by Henry Feldman

Simius by Stephen Bracco

The Argentinian Prostitute by Reuven Glezer

The Court of Khan by Edward Precht

The Pointe by Craig Donnelly

The Savage Queen by Edgar Chisolm

The Eve of Beltane: A Musical Play by Joe Izen and Coni Koepfinger

Inside Danny's Box by Derek Murphy

Lost Sock Laundry by Ivan Faute


Programming affected due to COVID-19


The Catamite by Ben Parkhill

S.U.N. in the U.S.A. by Michael Hagins

Cherry House by Frank Dunham Jr. 

The Whimsical World of Sherlock Holmes by Marney and Anthony Makridakis

White Woman, Black Boy by David Holmberg

Blood on My Mother’s Apron by Rachel Leighson

Banned by Iman Ahmed

In This Place by Molly Nevins

The Last Night at the Oki Dog by Jeff Smith and Len Wechsler

Eddie Doran’s Deal by Stephen Boulhosa

ReNaming Shaim by Alethea McCollin

Brilliant by Dani Tapper

The Black Count of Monte Cristo by Michele R. Hampton
The Love Hate Club by Juan Ramirez, Jr.



Basic Glitch by Stephanie Salazar-Amaro

Little Egg, Big World by Rachel Leighson

S.U.N. in the U.S.A. by Michael Hagins

The Savage Queen by Edgar Chisolm

Cherry House by Frank Dunham Jr.

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